I am Mike Hill and I love music.

I believe that the right song, played at the right moment,

can create a memory that will bring you back

to that special time and place whenever you hear it.

What better reason to hire a professional DJ for your special event?

A little about me. I already mentioned I love music. The problem is, as I get older and as the music industry changes, I find myself liking the new stuff less and less.That can make things hard for a DJ. When COVID shut the world down, I toyed with the idea of walking away from the DJ business for good. The time seemed right. But that old love for music and seeing the happiness it can bring just kept tugging away at me. So what's a guy to do?


I gave it many months of thought and here's what I have come up with. I am revamping my business a little. From here on out, DJ MIKE is your go to guy for specialty events. Do you want to throw an 80's party? I'm the guy. Old school hip hop party? I'm the guy. 90's pop party? Grunge party? Disco? Funk? Class reunion? Company Christmas party? I'm the guy!


I have years and years of experience. I'm good at what I do because I enjoy the music I play. Redefining DJ MIKE will allow me to continue to bring your event the maximum amount of fun without making me into 'That Old Guy who doesn't know what to play'.

I am not a Karaoke DJ.

Maybe someday I will add this to my available options,

but for now I am strictly music. If someone feels the overwhelming need

to sing along, I will gladly hand them the microphone

- but there won't be any bouncing ball on a screen for them to follow.

Rock, Country, and Hip Hop. I have it all. Thousands and thousands of songs. Enough to keep the party jumping all night.


My music library is clearly marked with both original and clean versions of most songs. This helps us both avoid any uncomfortable situations with language unsuitable for your event.


Give me a theme for your shindig. I will build a playlist to fill the allotted time. The list will likely change throughout the course of the evening, as I make adjustments for the crowd's reactions. Also note that time might not allow for all songs on the list to be played. I generally pad the list as a just-in-case measure. Requests are always welcome, if the party hosts give me the OK to play them.

I have been told that

my rates are the best around.

I will do my best to work within any budget.

I have a 3 hour minimum at any event.

I also add a minimal travel charge for any event outside the Tyler area.

Set up and tear down are included in my price

and do not need to be added when calculating event time.

Once we discuss and agree on a time/date/price, etc., you will be required to make a deposit of 50% and sign a contract in order to book me. Final payment is due no later than the day of the event.


I am equipped to play for around 300 people. If the event is larger, and the location does not have its own sound equipment, price will be adjusted for whatever rentals are necessary.


I also have a full lighting set up and fog machine, which is available at a fixed charge.


Please remember to include travel and lighting when filling out the contract, if your event requires either of them.

These people like me.

Here is some of the feedback i have received from customers:

Our wedding was very stressful to plan and it even rained. The easiest part of our wedding was having you as our DJ. Without very much direction at all, you created an amazing atmosphere for our wedding. It was so nice to have something go so smoothly and we will recommend you to everyone. You deserve more money than you are asking for, thank you for the thought and effort you put into the evening.


To this day we have people talking about the song "I love the rainy night" that you played when it started to pour after the ceremony. And I loved having a chance to tell you the songs we did and did not want played. People don't realize that a DJ can make or break a wedding, the DJ creates the flow of the wedding and ceremony. The timing for each song played was perfect, you kept our guests happy depending on the mood!


You are a very talented DJ and we hope to see you again!


Michael and Stephanie Overturf




We had the best “DISCO” party last year for 45 second graders. Most in not all of them do not know what “disco” meant. The parents however had a blast coming up with costumes. The DJ Mike Hill had the kids do fun dances, costume contest; games and they all had a blast. It was the most fun birthday party we ever had. In fact a year later and the now 3rd graders are still talking about it. I would recommend DJ Mike Hill for any party you are thinking about hosting. A successful party for us is people having fun, parents laughing, and my twin girls having a blast. DJ Mike completed our mission impossible; keep 45, eight year olds happy and active for 2 hours!!!!


Thanks Mike,

Brandi and Hudson White




DJ Mike was a wonderful part of my daughter's wedding. Planning an out of town wedding was risky but DJ Mike was at the reception on time and fully prepared. He worked with the wedding party and the photographer so that all aspects of the wedding went smoothly. We couldn't have asked for a better DJ.


Diane Mackey


and I want to dj your event!

Please call for prices and availability, or feel free to fill out the contact form and I will get back to you ASAP!




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